A selection of articles and reports.

The Maternal Bond

At the Karachi Central Jail, under-trial prisoners and convicted inmates are allowed to keep their children below the age of six years with them. In many ways it provides social protection for the children, and in many other ways it curtails their development. 


Mithi’s Middle Way

Mithi is the capital of district Tharparkar, one of the poorest districts in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. I wrote this on-the-ground report shortly after the release of a widely publicized assessment of the gains made through the Lady Health Worker’s Program. From what it seemed, the government initiative on family health had created a mixed bag of half-failures, half-achievements.


Small City, Big Dreams

Quetta is an old city in the province of Balochistan, mentioned in literary and historical accounts dating 11th century. Despite modernization of urban centres in the country, the city’s culture and traditions have remained untouched by outside influences.


At the Brink of Life

Life support can be painful, expensive, complication prone and emotionally wrenching and there is no guarantee of recovering completely or reclaiming the previous quality of life. This article focused on the ethical, legal and religious issues involved in providing life support and end-of-life decision making.